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Driving the new car

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I had my first taste of driving 1) hubby’s new and dream car, 2) an MPV. It’s kinda scary at first, coz I have not driven such a big car before, not mentioning that it is also higher than normal cars (imagine this, I’ve driven Proton Wira and Toyota cars only). It was a Sunday and we don’t expect a lot of cars on the road yet (it’s still CNY, though on this day, most of the people would be back to KL, ready for work on the next day). Since I dare not drive the car out of the driveway (rather not take the risk of scratching the car), hubby drove it out to the road, then only did I take over (I am a risk taker, but this is still a new car and it is his new wife… better not do anything to aggravate him yet… hehe)

We were taking Pie to see the doctor at Bandar Sri Damansara, as she had fever the day before. For the first time, she sat alone at the back of the car… not even daring to make a sound, as usually I would be there to accompany here. Hubby was sitting next to me (must be scared that I will do something to his new wife). The journey from the house to BSD was still smooth flowing, but then I was driving slightly slower than normal. I think quite a number of drivers would be thinking what the hell is with this Estima, driving so slow (sorry to those drivers out there). When I reached LDP (around 1U area), only did I dare to drive my normal way (no speeding though). I even had the liberty to park the car when we reached the clinic area (not side parking though). Didn’t drive the way back though, as I had to feed Pie lunch in the car (her fav. McD).


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February 27, 2007 at 7:21 am

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Hubby’s next dream car

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This post is kinda backdated now (was supposed to be posted before CNY). Anyway, to serve as a reminder for me, I will still write it.

Just 2 days before getting the new car, hubby told me that he found his next dream car. For everybody’s sake, we just recently purchased his dream car. His next dream car is still the same car (Toyota Estima), but of a different model (of year 2006, thus I assumed it should be the latest model). This car has a lot of cool features (according to him, as I didn’t see the car for myself)… things like the back seat being able to lie down flat on the floor (when you want to put a lot of things) or automatically come up to become a seat instead if you want to accommodate more passengers. He also mentioned that the exterior looks much better than the current one (I agree to, as the make 2003 is also much better than ours), and that it doesn’t have any spare tyre anymore.

Guess he’ll have to wait for another 5 years to get this car (haha), but by then he would have told me that his dream car have upgraded to god-knows what then.

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February 27, 2007 at 7:09 am

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Browsing with IE7

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I recently upgraded my IE version to IE7… couldn’t remember what was the reason I did that… but nevertheless, I’ve done that and personally, I don’t really like the browser. To me, it’s like mimicking Firefox, whereby it can have multiple tabs, instead of opening multiple windows. Apart from that, I have yet to see any other new functionalities (I’ve not read the new features yet). Previously, in IE6, the File Menu (the ones that have File, Edit, View…) is above the address bar (the place where you type in the URL), but in IE7, the address bar is above the File Menu, thus making my life miserable. Though I’m an IT person, IE7 is testing my patience (which is running out thin), which is why I installed Firefox (again), to see if it would be better. Worst come to worst, I will downgrade myself back to IE6 (which is possible right ?)

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February 27, 2007 at 6:43 am

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Working late on Saturday

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I was just back at work last Thursday, and I had to work on the Saturday. If that was not worst, we worked until 8+ at night. What can possibly be worst than that ? My eldest daughter had fever and I wasn’t around to take care of her. What kind of Mummy am I ? At that time, I was thinking whether am I putting my priorities straight, that shouldn’t I be with my daughter, instead of still waiting for my colleague to finish installation so that we can do the deployment ? But on the other hand, I know that if I left, my colleague would most likely be calling me for help (he just needs someone to boost his confidence). So I stayed on (as my hubby said she’s feeling ok), but constantly asking hubby regarding her. I thought that I should be able to finish by 5, and that I can then go back to her.

Guess I thought wrongly. No idea why the reinstallation took ages to do (colleague tried his best to uninstall / install but failed multiple times due to numerous reasons), until we decided to change the path directory (and I guess he did update the registry). Though the reinstallation takes a bit of¬†a time, the restart of the server took more time (each restart was much longer than the previous; and the initial restart already took about 15 – 20 mins). After the reinstallation was done, it was installation of fixpacks. It was supposed to be a simple and installation and should not fail, but I guess things weren’t going our away then. The installation failed after god-knows how many tries, until we decided to have a go ahead with the application installation (eventhough the fixpack wasn’t installing properly, the components needed for the application was installed). Deployment took a bit of a time as well (though not even quarter as long as the reinstallation), but there were a few hiccups along the way – things that obviously can be settled when I’m around… haha ūüôā

Lunch was at The Chicken Rice Shop (The Mall). Obviously I belanja (I felt bad if I didn’t coz it isn’t nice getting people to work on a Saturday), and obviously I wouldn’t just belanja makan McD. Too bad for someone I guess 8)

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February 26, 2007 at 8:20 pm

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What to write ? Help, help!!!

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Kinda busy today… with what ? Reading JSF & Struts (but not going into the brain), writing / replying mails to nobody important, and a lot of chit chatting around…

Colleague was asking how come today I didn’t write anything on my blog, am I that busy (read the above line)… I was like, ok lar… I will write now… but then, what to write lar ? Cannot even think straight.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my ‘Pai Lin’ day (visiting relatives), but then I have to work *sob sob* Oh well, looking at the bright side… is there a bright side to tomorrow ? Hopefully there is, else Customer will complain like mad (eventually she will). Anyway, tomorrow have to go to Customer’s site to do reinstallation of product (not my job / area… haha), deploying of application (I don’t need to do, just supervise), test the application (Customer will do)… so why do I need to be there ??? If my colleague reads this (you should know who), he will definitely say ‘to belanja makan-lah’… So you know what my role is for tomorrow…

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February 23, 2007 at 5:18 pm

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CNY celebration

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This year’s CNY celebration doesn’t look / sound like CNY at all. No firecrackers (except when we were in Genting) and didn’t eat much CNY cookies either (maybe bcoz I was busy taking care of 2 kids).

This year obviously is missing one person – Andy (he passed away last November at the age of 10). As his parents are Christians (and no pantang of celebrations), we celebrated CNY as usual. CNY eve is dinner with the family (surprisingly early family this time around… around 6.30 pm).¬†After dinner, we had Pie to¬†entertain us for a good laugh, and then it was back to home for both brothers. Hubby later on went to Mid Valley to get some things for his new¬†wife (his¬†car).¬†He came back saying that the parking lots in Mid Valley were totally empty… but then most of the shops were empty too! He also mentioned that I could have done my shopping then… Haha…

First day of CNY is always a boring day for me. No more visiting relatives, no more gambling… just hand around the house after brunch to wait for relatives to come and visit my in-laws. 2nd brother took the chance to go for a drive with hubby’s new car. On top of that, my family will be in Genting on this day…

Second day of CNY is always a hectic day. Reason being we (my hubby, kids and I)¬†will go to Genting, to join my family at Gohtong Jaya. Dad has a 1 room apartment in GJ, whereas the rest of them rented a 3 room apartment. And as always, my Mum will rush us… but as hubby’s side have to have lunch before we can make a move (‘Hoi Lin’), it will always be around 2 / 3 in the afternoon only will be moving out. On this day, after lunch, we (or rather hubby) put our luggages into the new car (yeah… taking the new car to Genting… else why would my hubby want to go¬†?) and then off we went. Pie sat in the front passenger seat, whereas Pea was at the back with me. To me, the car is only about 60% load; but to my hubby, it is good enough. He hates driving a full load car to Genting. With the new car, it was a totally new experience… no more lugging the car up like an old man, and the ride was faster compared to the previous times. It was very comfortable too. Pie slept on the way from 1 Utama till reaching the Genting toll (RM 4), whereas Pea slept on and off all the way. As for me, I was fine and there were no more nauseaness. I even moved around as Pie kept wanting to lie down and then look up again. Dinner was at Gohtong Jaya (family took a lot of steamboat things for dinner) at the rented apartment. A lot of eating and talking and laughing around. Oh, forgot to mention that this day was both my grandmother and sister’s b’day; therefore I bought¬†a cake (Cocoe Mocha from Secret Recipe)¬†up just for the celebration. Cake was nice, but not that good. That night, I slept with Pea on the bed (queen size bed), whereas hubby slept on the room floor. Parents, sister and Pie slept outside at the living room. Didn’t sleep that well as the whole night I woke up on and off to see if Pea is cold / hot, as well as wanted to attend to her immediately to avoid her screaming the entire household. Pea was quite good… she cried out a few times to look for her pacifier (and I fed her around 4+), until early in the morning, around 7+ going 8, when she couldn’t take it anymore that she wanted her feed there and then. Then she went back to sleep again. I would say that in Genting, she slept more than in our own house… maybe she do love the coldness, just like her sister.

Third day, we went to First World, as hubby wanted to test the car, as well as his luck ūüôā The few of us (me,¬†Aunt Liz, Grandma, Penny, Ah Weng, Uncle Wong, Pie, Pea and Yan Yan)¬†had lunch at Pizza Hut, whereas the rest of them tried their luck in the casino. After we finished the pizzas, we hang around at the sitting area outside, to wait for them. After a while, Mum, Sis and hubby came out, so that we could make a move back to the apartment to feed Pea and then later on make a move back to KL. The journey from GJ to the Genting toll was smooth flowing, but right after the toll, it was a bit jam. Most of the cars were heading to Kepong; luckily we took the Kesas highway back (had to drop Aunt Liz and Grandma back home). At certain junctions, it was quite pack with cars, but wasn’t jammed up like cars rushing back to KL kind. Dinner was¬†KFC, as PIL didn’t cook for us.¬†

Fourth day was ‘Pai Lin’ day for me. Brought things over¬†for my Grandmother, Uncle and Aunts. As usual lar… when give them things, they’ll give¬†back¬†again and added that no need to give so many things anymore. Cannot lar… tradition is tradition, more over I’ve bought those things mar ūüôā¬†It was also the day Aunt Liz goes back to Singapore…¬†

CNY for me is more or less standard. Same routine year after year. The only difference is always new additions to the family 8)

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February 22, 2007 at 2:45 pm

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Back to work!!!

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*Sigh* … First day of work and I started with a heavy heart… Don’t feel like leaving my baby with my PIL, don’t want to be away from my baby for so long… I think she also knows that I’ll be starting work today, coz around 6+ in the morning, she didn’t really want to sleep; she was cooing and talking and smiling to me… *Sigh*

Now it’s back to reality, check emails, do lotsa research and work work work… Time to start work…

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February 22, 2007 at 9:03 am

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