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Achieving our dream cars

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Hubby just bought a new car (about 2 days ago). Well, at least he has achieved one of his dreams (I wonder how many other dreams he has)… As for me, mine is still a far-fetched dream (one that might not be achieved at the rate I’m going 🙂 Not that I really want the car anyway).

 I still remember when I first told my Sis what was my dream car (at that time I have yet to learn how to drive). She was wondering how am I going to drive it since I don’t know how to drive. I answered her that I can hire a driver to drive me (see how big my dreams were… included a driver). Then she went on saying that with that car, nobody hires a driver to drive it… it’s more of the owner driving it. Now that I know how to drive a car (an auto car only though… at least I can move around on my own now), the dream car will still be part of my dreams (only).

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

February 10, 2007 at 3:35 am

Posted in dreams

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  1. […] told me that he found his next dream car. For everybody’s sake, we just recently purchased his dream car. His next dream car is still the same car (Toyota Estima), but of a different model (of year 2006, […]

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