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My life as a stressed out person… hopefully that feeling will go away soon

What to write ? Help, help!!!

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Kinda busy today… with what ? Reading JSF & Struts (but not going into the brain), writing / replying mails to nobody important, and a lot of chit chatting around…

Colleague was asking how come today I didn’t write anything on my blog, am I that busy (read the above line)… I was like, ok lar… I will write now… but then, what to write lar ? Cannot even think straight.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my ‘Pai Lin’ day (visiting relatives), but then I have to work *sob sob* Oh well, looking at the bright side… is there a bright side to tomorrow ? Hopefully there is, else Customer will complain like mad (eventually she will). Anyway, tomorrow have to go to Customer’s site to do reinstallation of product (not my job / area… haha), deploying of application (I don’t need to do, just supervise), test the application (Customer will do)… so why do I need to be there ??? If my colleague reads this (you should know who), he will definitely say ‘to belanja makan-lah’… So you know what my role is for tomorrow…

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

February 23, 2007 at 5:18 pm

Posted in my week, work

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