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Working late on Saturday

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I was just back at work last Thursday, and I had to work on the Saturday. If that was not worst, we worked until 8+ at night. What can possibly be worst than that ? My eldest daughter had fever and I wasn’t around to take care of her. What kind of Mummy am I ? At that time, I was thinking whether am I putting my priorities straight, that shouldn’t I be with my daughter, instead of still waiting for my colleague to finish installation so that we can do the deployment ? But on the other hand, I know that if I left, my colleague would most likely be calling me for help (he just needs someone to boost his confidence). So I stayed on (as my hubby said she’s feeling ok), but constantly asking hubby regarding her. I thought that I should be able to finish by 5, and that I can then go back to her.

Guess I thought wrongly. No idea why the reinstallation took ages to do (colleague tried his best to uninstall / install but failed multiple times due to numerous reasons), until we decided to change the path directory (and I guess he did update the registry). Though the reinstallation takes a bit of a time, the restart of the server took more time (each restart was much longer than the previous; and the initial restart already took about 15 – 20 mins). After the reinstallation was done, it was installation of fixpacks. It was supposed to be a simple and installation and should not fail, but I guess things weren’t going our away then. The installation failed after god-knows how many tries, until we decided to have a go ahead with the application installation (eventhough the fixpack wasn’t installing properly, the components needed for the application was installed). Deployment took a bit of a time as well (though not even quarter as long as the reinstallation), but there were a few hiccups along the way – things that obviously can be settled when I’m around… haha 🙂

Lunch was at The Chicken Rice Shop (The Mall). Obviously I belanja (I felt bad if I didn’t coz it isn’t nice getting people to work on a Saturday), and obviously I wouldn’t just belanja makan McD. Too bad for someone I guess 8)

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

February 26, 2007 at 8:20 pm

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  1. So sorry stress out mother to hear about you daughter and your college knows that your daughter was not well and but the installation process was not going their way and they have tried to fiddle with every scenario that could think of but as you said it was not going the way the team wanted it to go. I hope that your daughter is feeling much better now !!!! Wish well for me.

    Chicken rice for them was an extra bonus i think. They were not hoping that much =p but then you are such a good time leader so I think they are very thank full and great full for the meal. =)


    February 28, 2007 at 9:09 pm

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