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People change…

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Initially, I wanted to just cut and paste about our trip to hubby’s 1st brother’s house, from Pie & Pea’s blog… Later on, I realized that there was something else I wanted to write about.

When I first met hubby’s 1st brother, his impression to me is a very quiet, reserved and don’t like to talk to people. Some people take it as a snobbish person. In fact, Pie is very scared of him. Whenever he sits at the living room, Pie will say ‘scared, scared’… meaning she’s scared of him. Neither does he talk / play with Pie too!

A sudden event makes me think that he has changed a lot. His son passed away at a very young age, and hubby told me that 1st brother is now appreciating family ties. Now, he is more talkative, and starting to talk and play with Pie. Pie is also slowly accepting this Uncle.

These are alwiz the times that I think of how people change, whether it is for the better or worst.


Written by Mother to My Sweeties

March 4, 2007 at 9:45 pm

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