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Sun Tech Days 2006-2007 @ KLCC, KL (Day 1)

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I attended the Sun Tech Days 2006-2007 yesterday (Day 1 session). The event is currently being held at KL Convention Center (KLCC). It was my 2nd time at KLCC; my 1st being at the Aquaria. I know where KLCC is, but had no idea how huge the place can be. As I parked my car at KLCC (the shopping mall), I had to walk through the park to get to KLCC (the convention centre), and I assumed that the event would just be at the level 3 of the entrance I came from. Boy was I wrong… it was being held at the other end of KLCC, the one furthest away from the entrance of the park. It was a long walk for me (and I was on high heels some more, wrong decision of mine). In total, I made quite a number of wrong decisions yesterday – decided to drive to KLCC instead of taking the LRT (instead I got stuck in a few jams, though not long, but all in it was an hours drive from my house), decided to park at KLCC instead of the convention centre (reason being the traffic at Jln Sultan Ismail heading towards Renaissance was super jam and I was late, therefore I took the turning to KLCC’s parking, as advised by my sister), decided to wear high heels (there were no other pair of shoes in my car) and lastly, I decided to park near Isetan so that I could get some things for my sis after the event (I ended up going up and down the lift as all the levels were totally closed, except for G).

Enough mumbling about that. Let’s talk about the event itself. By the time I reached the event reception area, I headed towards the payment booth (obviously to make the payment and get myself registered). It was around 8.45 (if not mistaken), and I heard a lady calling out saying that “Once you’re registered, pls. go directly to the hall. The event is about to start”. Once I got myself registered, I went in, and a guy came to me and mumbled something (serious, not kidding here). Out of courtesy, I just nodded my head and later on was wondering what the guy said. Must be something to do with the event kit (coz a few feet away, I passed by the area and collected the kit – consisting of the event information and survey forms in a folder, a notepad and a pen, all inside the Sun plastic bag).

On with the launching / opening ceremony. Speeches were given by the Managing Director of Sun Microsystems (Mr. Gan Boon San) and the Deputy Minister of Science Technology and Innovation Malaysia (YB Dato’ Kong Cho Ha). It was accompanied by the sounds of kompangs and big malay drums (no idea what you call it), which was ear deafening for me as I sat quite near one of the speakers). Later on, James Gosling @ Father of Java went on the stage, and started the technical session.

Truthfully speaking, I was quite enthusiastic about the event, as I was eager to find out more about the new release and technology as well as what the future lies for java. I was not disappointed (couldn’t think of a better word at this hour) with the technical demo as they demo-ed on the future technologies:

  1. Performance Tester – this guy was comparing the performance of running C’s code against Java’s code and could prove that the Java’s code runs much faster than the C’s code, but apart from that, I have no idea what this guy was talking about.
  2. Java Pet Store – this guy started off by showing us the traditional look and feel of the Pet Store application, and then showed us what the new technology of Pet Store has.
  3. Duke the Robot – a seriously cool stuff. This lady showed us something similar to a spy camera. Using her handphone emulator, she can control the movement of the robot (It can move front, back, right and left. It can also fire, though I still do not know what it is for). The cool thing about this is that the robot can be sitting nicely in your house (and spying on your spouse / kids / maid / whoever you want to spy on) and you can be at somewhere else in the world.
  4. CityGuide – another interesting thing to see. This lady showed us how we can see the hotspot of the road / area we are currently at. Using the handphone emulator (and after showing us how to create the design of the system), a script is loaded in to simulate the movement of a person. When the person passed by a hotspot, it will show on the screen the location / place it is.
  5. JavaMail – nothing much. This guy was showing how he do a GUI makeover of the traditional Swing application.
  6. No idea what they called it, so I’m calling it ‘The Musician’ (hehe) – This M’sian guy was demo-ing how he can get the application to search and recommend the songs based on the music beat (and other sorts). Showing us his MP3 collections in dots (it has colour representations of the music genres – blues, rock, classical and so forth), he can choose to start off with a rock song and end with a classical song. In between, the application will select the other songs so that it will jive with the starting and the ending. His song collections could also be displayed in 3D format and shows the singer / album as well. It is a kinda cool thing, but my desc. might not be that good for your reading… haha… you still have to see it for yourself.
  7. Java LookingGlass – this is a 3D desktop using Java program. Seriously very cool as well. Basically, there is a device on the lady’s hand called SPOT, to mimic her hand movement and finger clicking. With the device talking to the base station (another device which is plugged onto the notebook), you can click on the windows and launch application, eventhough you are not sitting in front of the PC.

After the technical demo, it was time for technical presentations. I chose Track 1 – Java EE 5 and Glassfish (supposingly to be an informative seminar, but because the presenter wasn’t that equipped with information, I found my mind drifting away a little), and SOA Design Patterns for ESB and BPEL (I thought I could learn something from here, but the presenter made the entire session boring until I couldn’t take it, thus left early. It was past my lunch as well, so was hungry then).

After lunch, I chose Track 2 – talking about Data Warehouse (which is quite interesting) and then Track 1 – JSF (got better ideas of JSF and they even had comparison against Struts).

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March 8, 2007 at 2:01 am

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