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Sun Tech Days 2006-2007 @ KLCC, KL (Day 2)

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If you are wondering why I left the Day 1 post abruptly, the reason is because I did leave the event abruptly as well… hehe… what I meant was that after the last track (from my post), I left for the day. Couldn’t afford to stay back and listen to the last track as it would mean me getting myself stuck in the jam (which I totally refused to, and also because I had to bring Pie home).

Day 2 session started with a lower expectation from my side (learnt from my lessons from Day 1). The day started with a technical session on what is going on in the near future for OpenSource. Then Oracle’s technical session took over (which turned out to be quite technical and kinda boring, and half the time, none of the slides were shown on the screen, due to technical difficulties). Chose to attend track 1’s session (JavaME & Software Failure). Kinda interesting to listen (and learn a little) about JavaME, esp. when we won’t have the liberty to venture into that area (neither do we have the experience & resources). Software Failure was another interesting topic, though after each slide, the presenter will refer to his notes and talk about his past interview sessions with other top people (e.g. James Gosling). Did take note that it is one of the major concern here as I noticed at times we do not capture / throw the errors properly. Thus must learn how to handle them in a proper manner (sounds just like getting to have good table manners). Didn’t manage to sit and listen till end of the session, as I had other top priority things to do (my colleagues will know what I mean).

Bumped into an ex-colleague though (at the start of the session, I told one of my colleagues that I won’t bumped into anyone I know, as I don’t have any ex-colleagues… most of my colleagues met so many of their ex-colleagues during the 2 days session… this is due to the fact that I worked (and am still working) for the same company since I first joined the work force).

After lunch, we didn’t want to listen to the VMWare talk, therefore decided to go shoe-shopping (colleague wanted to buy a pair of shoes) at KLCC (the shopping mall of course). Went to Isetan and Parkson, but she couldn’t find one to her liking (the other reason was that they didn’t have her shoe size – I don’t even want to venture into that area coz it made me feel how big my feet was… hahaha)… She ended up getting one at Vincci… I was too tired to walk much (must be due to the reason that I walked too much, as well as not having enough sleep… that should be obvious coz I took the time to blog at such un-godly hours).

Didn’t attend the next 2 tracks either (hopefully my boss doesn’t find out about my blog)… Stayed back late just to attend the last track. Initially wanted to attend the AJAX track, but when I found out who the presenter was, both my colleague and I decided to change track, thus we attended the Concurrency & Performance track. It was meant to be a technical session (and lasted 1 1/2 hours)… at times it was quite interesting, but at times I kinda felt boring, due to the reason that quite a number of things I don’t use at all.

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March 9, 2007 at 3:18 am

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