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Last minute trip to Genting

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It was kinda last minute. Well, not so last minute, but definitely not a planned trip. To me, a planned trip is something you would have planned in weeks or months, not something that was mentiond 3 days ago. It all started with hubby asking whether this weekend want to go Genting / Camerons. We actually don’t have any problems, as both places we do have apartments to stay in… don’t have the hassle to make rooms reservations. Since it was kinda ad-hoc for me, and that I’m slightly lazy to travel so far, and that not many people are going, I decided to go to Genting. With the new car now, hubby is super duper enthusiastic to travel around… must be trying to make full use of the car…

We went up to Genting on Friday night (wasn’t kidding, coz by the time we reached Gohtong Jaya (GJ), it was 10+ going 11 pm). We were all tired – once lugged in all the luggages and made the bed, we wanted to just jumped on to the bed and go to sleep. Hubby was lucky as he managed to fell asleep quite fast. I was already having nose block, but Pie had other thoughts. She slept all the way up to GJ, therefore couldn’t go to sleep anymore. Mum and I took turns to ask her to go to sleep, but she couldn’t, until I switched on the tv for Pie. She watched about 1 hour of cartoons, and I quickly switched off the tv. By the time we all fell onto our pillows, it would have been 1 am. I would love to sleep all the way till late in the morning, but having Pea around, I should count myself lucky that she only woke me up around 6.30 am (though I was still half asleep and have already put the pacifier into her mouth countless times). Therefore, the entire time I was like a zombie… didn’t have enough sleep, also never mind, I was having nose block and sore throat (am still having now).

Supposed to go up to Genting early in the morning, coz hubby wanted to bring Pie to the indoor theme park, but becoz I wasn’t feeling too well, we ended up going to Genting in the evening, for dinner and jalan-jalan a bit. Had dinner at Kopi Tiam (at First World) and it was the worst experience. It was super stuffy and the food was quite expensive. It’s supposed to be a food court, but then we can order dishes from one of the stalls, Chinese. We ordered deep fried sotong, hong kong kai lan, sweet and sour fish (entire fish) and cantonese fried noodles. With a pot of tea and rice, it costed us RM 120+. How expensive can that get, and it was not even at a restaurant. Have you ever spent so much at the food court ? After dinner (barely ate much), I felt like fainting. Mostly like was caused by the stuffy food court, coz after I sat down at one of the open areas, I felt much better. We stayed there until around 10+, then went back to GJ.

Today brought Pie to the club house. She had so much fun sitting on the kiddy rides, playing house and shooting basketballs (though Mum and I played the most, and Pie laughed most of the time). Was supposed to come back after lunch, but by the time we finished lunch and packed our stuffs, it was around 3pm. Both Pie and Pea was sleeping, so we decided to come back later.

Left Pie with my Mum, but Pie looked quite reluctant to follow her. Now with Pea around, Pie prefers to come home to me. Though still loving her sister, I can sense that she still have sibling jealousy, therefore seeking my attention very often. Do hope that I’m spending enough time with her. Will try to split my time between the 2 girls…

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March 11, 2007 at 8:44 pm

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