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Bad finish for the week

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*Cough Cough* Yeah, I’m still having cold. Worst than that, I’m having slight fever as well. Yesterday, I really couldn’t take it anymore, but then no choice had to continue working (quality assuring proposal is something I really hate). When I couldn’t tahan, I left the office around 6+ pm, and went home to sleep. Continued reviewing the proposal around 8+ pm… Luckily it took me around 1/2 hour only (didn’t put any heart to review it though).

Went to see the doctor just now. She said that my immune system is low, due to the fact that I’m still bf-ing my baby. But then she encouraged me to continue bf, so bf is the way to go (for now lar)…

Crossing my fingers that I’ll be better by tomorrow, as I need to take care of Pie in the coming week, as my Mum is going to Shanghai (I’m envious)…

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

March 17, 2007 at 1:19 pm

Posted in my sentiments, my week

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