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Tiring weekday, but a great weekend!

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It has been a tiring week for me. Had fever for about 5 days… thus didn’t take care of Pea. Once I’m well, Pie came home, thus had my hands full then.

Was on MC for 2 days, therefore by the time I went back to office, was quite busy as well.

Come Friday, it was my 4th wedding anniv. Didn’t bother about office (not that I didn’t go to work, but I left early lar), quickly go home, as we wanted to go out for dinner. Went out with PIL, so where got romantic… more over 2 kids in tow 🙂

Nevertheless, we went to Marche (@ The Curve)… everyone (except Pie and I) have not been there, and I’ve been pestering to go there for quite some time now. It was a different experience, whereby you are given a card and whatever you order will be stamped onto the card. It’s self-service dining, and food are different… pasta, pizza, steak, roast chicken, rosti (potato) and drinks. After dinner, we walked around the mall, as PIL have not been there before (I think). Pea was asleep most of them, after having her milk at the restaurant.

The next day, we were supposed to go to the clinic, as I wanted some oilment for my cold sore. On the way there, it was raining heavily, so asked hubby to detour back. As it was lunch time, and hubby wanted to go to his new office at Rawang, we opted for McD instead. Went to the Drive-Thru, and had McD in the car… enjoyed the trip to Rawang… it was far (around 45 mins drive, but with the new car, cannot feel the distance). By the time we went back home, we’ve sat in the car for about 3 hours (inclusive Pea… and she had her milk at hubby’s new office… haha)

Sunday, was a lazy day… but not before we went out for ‘Dim Sum’ at Quality Hotel, KL. After a heavy breakfast, we dropped PIL and Pea back home, and then headed to Sunway Pyramid, as I wanted to collect my Income Tax Pin # (what to do, it’s almost time for tax submission). Parking at Pyramid was a total havoc, with the old parking lot under renovation. Funny thing is that inside the parking lot, there’s a free buggy (I called it tram though) service to fetch and drop patrons to the mall entrance. They have this service as the parking lot is quite big, and quite a number of them are quite far from the mall entrance. Not too sure if they’ll still have this service when the entire mall is ready. Remember I mentioned lazy Sunday ? By the time we got back home, everyone was drop dead tired… I could have just fall onto bed to sleep, if Pie hadn’t dirtied her going-out clothes… *sigh* instead of sleeping, I was washing clothes, and later on folding clothes. Never mind, will get my beauty sleep earlier tonight…

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

March 25, 2007 at 9:15 pm

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