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Batch of trainees

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I’ve got a handful trainees under my guidance, though I’m not their mentor, thank god 🙂 Why do I feel thankful ? Coz then I’ll be giving the wrong information at the wrong time… haha 8)

Anyway, as a TL, it is my responsibility to provide guidance and advise and consultation and what not to them, not mentioning to even think of what project to get them started and all sorts… meaning I’ve got to do so many documentation until I’ve lost count of them. I’ve got their mentor to help out, but at times I felt that I’ve been giving the mentor too much things; it’s like a lot of things I’ve tai-chi-ed to him, therefore I didn’t feel that nice to keep tai-chi-ing other things. Meaning I’ve got to do my part-lah.

This bunch of monkeys trainees are actually newly graduates, there it is also my job to ensure that after the training, most of them are good to be absorb to the team and to get them to stay as long as possible (meaning until they retire lar). You think it’s possible ? Maybe I should try hypnotizing them…

* You will stay here until you retire… You will stay here until you retire… *

Haha… for those who are reading this post… you are hypnotized!!!

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

April 7, 2007 at 3:05 pm

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