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Me no good planner ?

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At the rate I’m working, hubby said that I will be super stressed out soon. Having this blog doesn’t mean that I have to be a stressed out person all the time; instead I intend to relief myself on this blog, so that people don’t see me as a stressed out person (I mean in real life lar).

Anyway, coming back to my working style, hubby was commenting that I am not a good planner. Reason being coz I said I’ve tons lots of work to do, and that I can’t take care of Pea for the night. He kept asking why can’t I delegate my work to my subordinates team members, but I kept telling him that this is within my responsibility, have yet to be assigned out. No idea if he doesn’t understand my situation, or he feels that I don’t do my job well.

Which comes back to the title of this post. Am I such a bad planner ? Previously I thought that I did a good job, planning for every tasks that comes along. But ever since I’m promoted, my work keeps piling up. If I had an ‘IN’ tray in the office (thankfully that I don’t), I can imagine the paperwork growing by the day. Not that I don’t do any work (from the way I write, it’s like I’m jeopardizing my own career), but everyday seems to have a new task and every task have a tight deadline. Worst still is that my indirect direct responsibility is to oversee all the projects in the team, and I’ve seemed to have lost track of some. Lucky for me, I still have the individual project leaders to keep me up-to-date (whenever I request). In other words, I’m thankful for my team to be there to support me (any cheerleaders out there ? hehe)

*Note: No more McD’s going around. You want, you come and get sweets from my table only. But then again, there are no more sweet suppliers around. Anyone wants to contribute ?

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

April 14, 2007 at 6:18 am

Posted in my week, work

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