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My weekend – Pie’s big day & Pea’s monthly jab

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It was Pie’s birthday weekend. We celebrated with my side on Sat, and hubby’s side on Sun. She’s still a kid, and I will still continue giving her birthday parties… only that it will not be an elaborate occasion, just a family gathering, nice enough.

Though it was supposed to be a joyful weekend, I ended up being sick. On top of it, I still have to struggle to bring Pea to her monthly jab and take care of both kids. Nevertheless, I got to see Lay and her kids… walau weh… both kids so chubby… cute but chubby 🙂  Siao Jie didn’t smile at me at all 😦 Initially her sister didn’t also, but after playing for a while, she in the end gave me a broad smile…

Had a last minute call from the bakery, telling me that the chocolate banana cake I ordered was not good to go, thus had to change to another cake. I was kinda pissed off, and when she asked whether I can go for other cakes, I answered her “My kid wants chocolate cake only. You tell me what you have”. In the end, I chose the Swiss Black Forest, still because of the chocolate cake. Luckily this time around it turned out better than last year… because of that incident, I’ve not bought any cakes from that bakery… can’t remember whether I even stepped into that shop anymore or not.

Sunday was supposed to go to the developer to get the house keys (yeahoo! my house is finally ready), but the banking stuff took up most of the time and by afternoon, I had a splitting headache. So we ended up staying at home (but I still didn’t sleep), and went out in the evening for dinner.

The coming week will be taxing again, as I have a lot on hand and due in 1 weeks time. Oh well, with Pie’s big day over, at least I can manage to do overtime… have to finish up before my colleague goes off for her holiday…

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

May 28, 2007 at 2:59 am

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