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Pie’s first birthday party

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I got messaged by an ex-college mate (SY), whom I’ve not seen since I left college (which is over 10+ years ago). It was a pleasant surprise… She informed me of another ex-college mate’s (D) 1 year old daughter’s birthday party, which will be held in 2 days time. It was another surprise… but as I’ve not seen this college mate for about a year (the last time I saw the couple was during the birth of their daughter), so I agreed to attend the party.

Due to that, I had to get a present the next day and the only time I had is during lunch break. So, got friend’s daughter a present and went home to wrap (luckily I bought extra wrapping paper during Pie’s birthday).

Came dinner time and it was raining heavily. But since I’ve agreed to go, I know I won’t back out (no way jose). During the journey there (the dinner was held at a restaurant in Puchong), I was thinking whether it was actually a joke or not, as D didn’t tell me a single thing about the party. On the other hand, it’s no gain to SY at all. The entire journey was full of that thoughts… and esp. whether the restaurant exists or not as well.

When we reached Puchong, and turned into one of the mentioned junction, the restaurant was right in front of us… So the restaurant exists (my thoughts confirmed). Next was there are a lot of people (and some with kids) going into the restaurant and what more, going up to the 2nd floor. There should be a party going on…

When we reached the restaurant’s 2nd floor, I kind of expected to see balloons and banners… evidence saying there’s a party going on. Instead, we were met with normal tables and chairs and people sitting, like having family dinner kind. I was really into a shock… thinking that maybe SY is really was playing a joke on me…

Then D saw us and came to the door, ushering us in. Then his wife (L) also came out… I did hesitated, as I wasn’t too sure if I was actually butting into people’s family dinner (kind of expected him to be surprised to see me and ask what was I doing there). Instead, both of them were like… come come… you are one of the first few to arrive…

Next shock was the party itself. As mentioned, it wasn’t like the normal kind… instead, we were met with round tables and gas stove… My thought was… we are going to have steamboat ? But then my friend said that it’s seafood… I was like ???

OK, up till now, I’ve not mentioned the restaurant’s name. I would say that this post is for me to talk about my friend’s party, as well as to promote the restaurant a bit… What to do ? My friend got share in the restaurant and on top of it, the couple are my good friends. The restaurant’s name is Ria Seaview Seafood Restaurant, as Puchong (Jaya ?). It’s the area opp. IOI Mall. Full address, need to ask my friend first. I only got directions to go there.

So, comes back to the dinner. As mentioned it’s seafood, thus we were served Steamed Lala with Sliced Ginger, Brocolli, Butter Prawns, Lotus Root with Celery, Taufoo, Assam Fish & Crab (it’s something like Fish Head Mee Hoon, minus the Mee Hoon inside and it’s with Crab instead). Food was quite good, esp. the Assam Fish, Butter Prawns and Crab… the seafood was quite fresh… No idea about the price though… my friend ‘belanja’ wan mar…

We ended the party with the birthday cake. It was a dog-shaped ice cream cake. Overall, I would say Pie enjoyed the party… she didn’t eat much (but b4 hand she ate a lot of peanuts and vege and taufoo). But, where on earth would she give the birthday cake a miss, esp. when it’s an ice cream cake ? Didn’t see much of the birthday girl, Kei Kei, but Pie got to play with Annabel, Shireen & Alvin’s daughter.

So promotion done, I wonder if we were to go there and eat, there would be some discounts for us ??? Hehe… must ask my friend first.

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

June 3, 2007 at 2:39 pm

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