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Wireless router down!

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* Sigh * Wireless router suddenly cannot use… Happened few days back… after asking around hubby’s parents, found out that in the afternoon, there was lightning… so MIL quickly off the switch and pull out the plug… so why the wireless router still got ‘burned’ ? Very de curious, but it won’t help me go on the net… so the next obvious thing was to buy a new one lar…

Thus just now went to Digital Mall (hubby only… we all hung around at Jaya supermarket) to get a new wireless router… at least now I’m back and able to download kits for the scrapbook (but have yet to think of what to scrap, coz no new pix). Oh yeah, have been wanting to buy Star Bucks Java Chip Frappucinno to drink quite long (or rather have been longing for it few weeks)… just got it… hehe 🙂 Yes, it’s still around, just that they don’t have any promotion for it… Lucky me… *slurp* yummy!!!

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

June 9, 2007 at 10:18 pm

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