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Things for Mother & Baby

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After giving birth to my 1st kid, I prepared this list, to remind me to be smarter in packing my hospital bag, as well as a guide for buying new things for the new baby.
Things for Mother & Baby

Before having the list, I was a bit ignorant, thus I ended up over-packing my hospital bag, bringing a lot of unnecessary stuff (and not used also), which resulted to a heavy bag. Did regret it then… that’s what prompted me to prepare the list… And at least it has been a good guideline for me and my colleagues…

I have to forewarn though… the list is meant for Malaysian private hospitals only (I’ve only tried giving birth in Malaysia), and more concentrated on SJMC only (coz that’s where I gave birth). You are welcomed to download the list, and add on other things yourself.

You can also refer to the following links for more information, especially on what to pack into your hospital bag:


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June 20, 2007 at 3:00 pm

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