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How cruel can parents be ?

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Death for anybody is a sad thing, what more it happens to small kids and worst of all, the murderer is either the parents / near relatives.

Whenever I read about kids dying, be it being killed by someone or happened in an accident, I will think of my own 2 kids. Cannot imagine how can parents / relatives be so cruel to even kill their own flesh and blood with their own hands. How can even have the heart to do it ? It’s like they have no sense in them… no brain, no heart, not a human being.

Even if they don’t want their kids, there are other ways to go about it… either giving to their own parents (the kid’s grandparents) or even to welfare. There are so many child-less couples who wouldn’t mind adopting them as their own.

Last time, when my cousin was going through a rough period in her marriage, I was scared that she might give away her own child. I was thinking that if that happens, I’d rather take in the kid and take care of her myself. I even told Pie to love and sayang her cousin, coz I am really scared that it will happen to my niece. Luckily, things came through and my cousin and her hubby is getting along much better now.

* Updated *
So how cruel can parents be ? On the other hand, just thought about it this morning, I can understand what parents (in particular mothers) are going through. Being a mother myself, I am sometimes frustrated with my kids – my 3 year old is staying with my mum, and practically every week I get complains from my sister on how naughty she is. Whereas for my 7 months old girl, she is very active and doesn’t want to be let down, constantly need attention from everyone. In addition to that, whenever she is put down (even for a while), she can go crying loudly, until you carry her into your arms again. I do scold and sometimes scream at the elder one (cannot afford to do it at the younger one coz she’s still a baby), but then again, no dark thoughts would come across the mind. Instead, maybe some rest days is needed to rest your body, mind and soul ?

Anyway, no one knows what the mother is thinking, so be it. Hopefully no more of such news come out anymore…

Written by Mother to My Sweeties

July 12, 2007 at 1:55 pm

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