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Sep & Oct = Holidays (Part 1)

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Haha… why that title ? It’s because I travelled a lot during these past 2 months. I was handling 2 tenders at that time, it was super duper peak month, was swamped with work – but obviously nothing would stand between me and Adelaide, and me and Hong Kong. No way, jose!

I went to Adelaide on the 2nd week of Sep. Reason being, hubby’s boss asked hubby and colleague to attend the Royal Adelaide Show (yeap… that’s the main reason for going there). Of course once you’re there, you would not spend the entire holidays camping at the show, eventhough there were lots to see and do. We were lucky to have hubby’s immediate boss (lady boss) to be staying there, thus we camped at her house and she was our driver-cum-tour guide the entire time. Once we touched Oz ground, we were swept to the house for a quick wash and then out we went, looking for a place to have brekky. After a cup of quite good cappucino, we were then swept to the office-cum-factory, where hubby and colleague was supposed to have a quick hi to their Aussie counterparts. Quick hi stretched to about 2 – 3 hours of work for hubby, and staring at the wall and outside for me. It was that boring!!! Regretfully for not bringing my book during that time. Luckily time flew fast (yeah right!) and we headed for town.

Surprisingly, town was bigger than Perth (sorry… I really thought Adelaide was that small). We spent about 4 hours there, and was very tired. Thus we head back home to catch up some sleep, and went out for Vietnamese dinner. Later on, we headed to Glenelg, where the wind was very windy and it was seriously cold. Glenelg town is quite different, as it is a town next to the sea.

The next day, we headed out to Barosa Valley for wine tasting. Having the 1st half of the day for this task, we quickly set out and our 1st stop – Wolf Blass. Don’t ask me how did it go… Most of the red wine to me is woody and a bit bitter, whereas white wine is slightly sweeter, though some still have the woody taste. After that, we were supposed to head off to another winery, but as we took the wrong turn, we ended up at Yalumba. Haha… it’s like the Chinese saying, wrong doing got it’s own luck (chor yau chor fook). We ended up buying dozens of bottles of wines between the 4 of us. Why ? Because their wine is quite different from the others (they have fruity taste) that I’ve and they’ve tasted before, esp. their dessert wines. It’s a sweet wine which will leave you wanting for more – something that they’ll recommend to end your wine tasting with 🙂

After an hours drive back to Adelaide (well, I slept while the lady boss drove), we went for the Royal Adelaide Show. It’s nothing to shout about… but something that you’ve got to experience it yourself. It’s a fun fair-games-animal shows-flowers exhibition-exhilirating shows all in 1 ground.

Our 2nd last day was spent at Mt. Lofty where you can see the whole of Adelaide and its suburbs from the top of the mountain.  After that, we spent half the day at Cleland Wildlife Park, where most of the animals are at the open ground and you can feed the hordes of kangaroos and 3 emus, up close and personal with the koala (which by the way it’s not called koala bear… they are that sensitive) and spend some time with the birds and ducks and swans. After a picnic lunch – courtesy of hubby’s boss – we set off to Victor Harbour. We went to Granite Island for the dolphin and whale tour, had a walk at up the Summit, and waited until late evening for the Penguin tour. I find that the Penguin tour was some-what dissappointing, compared to my previous Penguin Tour at Phillip Island, Melbourne. That night, we had Fish and Chips for dinner from this restaurant which claims to be the Best Fish and Chips in South Australia. The verdict ? So so lar… we were hungry and it was slightly cold by the time we reached our destination – hubby’s boss’s beach house. Ha! Beat that… it’s a 2 storey beach house… huge place… got it’s own garage, super big backyard and another one at the front, huge living room and dining room, 3 bed rooms upstairs, and another dunno how many rooms downstairs (we didn’t go down to see), with a huge fish hanging on the wall. Totally forgot to take pix of that fish (duh!). It was our last night at Adelaide, so we drank some wine and chatted until we were laughing in stitches.

Next morning, we had a 11.50 am flight to catch home, thus we rushed back to Adelaide town from the beach house. Overall, it was a good experience in Adelaide. I’ll be back… muahahaha… if I can afford another let-off-everything-trip.

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November 5, 2007 at 8:21 pm

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