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Sep & Oct = Holidays (Part 2)

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My next destination was Macau & Hong Kong. Saying this, everyone would know that I flew by Air Asia. Yeap… was one of the lucky ones who managed to get not 1, not 2, but 5 free tickets to Macau. Brought my eldest daughter along, as we wanted to bring her to Disneyland. Lucky kid, 3 1/2 years old get to go these kind of places, compared to the Mummy whom went to Paris Disneyland when she was 19 years old.

Our trip started early in the morning, having to catch a 6.3o am flight, we need to be at the airport by 4.30 am, thus everyone had to be ready and in the taxi by 3.30 am. Hahah… guess everyone was quite excited about the trip, even my girl as she was awoken ard 2+ and didn’t catch a wink until on the plane, where she slept about 2 – 3 hrs. After the 4 hrs flight, we were at Macau ground. Not wanting to waste time and after going through “No Customs”, we were out of the airport in 1/2 hours (tell me who can beat this record ?). Father headed to China, whilst the rest of the us head over to Hong Kong. We catched the ferry over to Hong Kong, and got into a cab to our destination – Disney Hollywood Hotel.

After an hour for checking in, we had lunch and rested our body, before heading to Disneyland. With the ‘Stay & Play for 2 days’, we went in that evening to catch the Halloween Parade and Disney in the Stars Fireworks, and again the next morning to roam around. Meals at the hotel is quite expensive, but no choice. It’s either here / Disneyland. But the hotel was very nice, and so is the room. With a two queen size bed, we slept 4 in a room. Sweetie Pie was contented with the Toy Shop as it allowed her to play ‘Restaurant’, and it comes with microwave, cupboards, fridge, oven and washing basin her size.

Disneyland is not too big (for adults), but then not too small for kids either. With 1 Main Street and 3 lands, surprisingly we didn’t get to cover the Adventureland. Spending half a day @ Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, it was too much for a kid to see. Taking the train from Main Street to Fantasyland, we saw Mickey and Minnie heading towards Dumbo the Flying Elephant. After a few pix, I caught hold of Winnie the Pooh at Fantasy Gardens, thus I quickly rushed Pie and Mum over there. With no one around yet, we snapped lots pix with Pooh, Donald Duck, Minnie, Mickey & Pluto. By the time we left, the crowd rushed in. After that, we had fun in the Mad Hatter Tea Cups and then head on to The Golden Mickeys Show. After the show, had lunch, and then walked around the 2 lands. After buzzing through Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and getting ourselves wet at the UFO Zone, Pie fell asleep in the stroller. Woke her up for the Disney on Parade and headed back to the hotel. Pie was so energetic then that we brought her to the hotel’s playground, and then for a walk around the hotel, and later to the Toy Shop where she played ‘Restaurant’ again. She will go ‘You be the customer, I’ll be the chef’.

After 2 days @ Lantau Island, it’s time we head to Kowloon, spending the next 2 nights @ Stanford hotel. Hotel was definitely not as big and grand as Disney Hollywood, nevertheless it’s clean and we were able to have good night sleep. Lunch at a nearby Taiwanese restaurant… food was not too bad, esp. my Pork Chop bun and Pie’s plateful of rice with minced meat and beancurd (well… she wanted to eat beancurd mar). After lunch, we went around Tung Choi Street (widely known as Ladies Street), which is just 2 streets away from the hotel. That evening, we went to Avenue of Stars, me wanting to see the Symphony of Light, but because it was drizzling and too windy, hubby decided unsafe for the kid, thus we headed inside. As hubby wanted to eat the famous Little Sheep (Mongolian restaurant where it’s famous for hot pot / steam boat), we had yummy durian dessert for tea and McD as pre-dinner.

Dim Sum was on top of our list, thus we had that for breakfast. Found it at Nathan Street, not too good, not too bad… it’s just so-so. Nothing to shout about. The only thing I wanted to shout was that Pie had 2 pieces of ‘Chan Bau’ hehe… she never eat these things in KL. One nice thing I had from the dim sum was their egg tart… smooth to the taste. Never try their fried radish (Chau Ko), as they serve with Peanut butter and tim cheong. Yes… no typo there… peanut butter. Goodness knows for what.

After a hearty meal, we went to Ocean Park, via MTR and bus. Another nothing to shout about… there’s seriously nothing to do here… see fishes in their aquariums (Aquaria is actually better than this), see sharks in their tanks and see 10 years no difference of dolphins and sea lions do their tricks. For Pie, obviously everything is new and exciting, thus enjoying herself a lot.

Spending 3 – 4 hours here, we were too tired to eat our, thus took away Chicken Rice to eat at our own comfort. Rice was a lot… like 2 bowls with lots of meat. But I didn’t like their Char Siew and Siew Yok … saltish big pieces with not crunchy skins. Worst of all, it was white rice with white rice… meaning there was no sauce to go with… how to eat ?

Brekky the next morning was instant noodles, as we had to take the ferry back to Macau to meet up with my Dad. With the China’s national week off rush, we were at the immigration counter for almost 2 hours. *sigh* it’s either you zoomed too fast or you had to suffer the queue. With our stomachs growling, we had not so satisfying ‘Wan Tan Mee’ @ the NOT so clean restaurant at the ferry terminal. Our stay at the New Century hotel was quite good… rooms were bigger than Disney Hollywood with adjoining rooms and super king sized bed.

We went to Macau town for sightseeing, instead of seeing road, I could only see people and people and people everywhere. Climbing up to Ruins of St. Paul’s was tired, but having Portugese Egg Tart freshly out from the oven was heavenly. Too bad didn’t buy a lot of eat… I could have eaten the whole box then! Hehe 🙂 After refreshing ourselves, we went out for dinner at a nearby restaurant for Fried Rice and Wan Tan Mee. Though it’s at a much nicer and cleaner rest. doesn’t mean the noodles is still nice. I didn’t like it at it was not as springy as we usually have. Fried rice was so so lar. After dinner, Dad said we must go to this place… it’s a place not to be missed! Thus, we went to the Venetian Macao. Of course cannot be missed… this place is so so big and so so grand. Totally don’t make you feel that you are at Macau… like you are transported to another place… Venice maybe ? Hehe… truthfully speaking, when I passed by one of the area which is like a town square, for a moment there I thought I was back at Venice’s town square, with canals and gondolas in the middle of the square, small bridges everywhere, old structures and street side entertainment. After walking around the expensive shops and getting ourselves lost inside the hotel, seriously we got lost in such a big place, we headed back to our hotel. It was late and Pie needs to get her rest. More over, we need to pack, as this was our last night in Macau. It’s time to go back to reality and hit the files / tenders again.

It’s bye-bye Macau and Hong Kong, hello Malaysia again! This trip was quite worth it, seeing how much Pie enjoyed herself. Though we didn’t do much shopping, though we were tired, but we were happy, seeing our daughter so contented and telling stories of her encounters over and over and over again. We were telling Pie that in this 1 trip, she has taken various types of transports… aeroplane, ferry, taxi, bus (normal & double decker), MTR & her indispensable stroller.

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November 5, 2007 at 11:00 pm

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