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Work cum Holiday @ Singapore

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The following week from Hong Kong, I had to go to Singapore for a technical conference with a colleague. The conference lasted for 4 days, but since we’ve got relatives in Singapore, we decided to extend till Sunday (Hari Raya’s 2nd day).

Conference usually starts early in the morning, hence we were in Singapore the evening b4 – which meant we were not in the office for one whole week. In total for me, that meant I was not in the office for 12 days (2D for Aussie, 5D for HK & 5D for S’pore). Hmm… come to think of it, it’s not a lot. Should have gone further / more days. Haha… ppl will start killing for that then, esp. when it was the peak of the super peak season!

Singapore, oh well, what can I say ? Lots! For one, I don’t stay in any posh hotels; usually bunk in at my aunt’s place in Choa Chu Kang (CCK). This time around, got to stay in a 5-star hotel (Pan Pac)… it’s 5-star right ? Secondly, this means it’s at the heart of the shopping area… with Marina Square, Suntec City Mall, Millenia Walk & City Link Mall… it was a shopper’s paradise. C, my first photography session with a pro – hehehe (for moi, whoever can teach me good stuffs, of course pro lar) – who thought me how to take good pix at night, esp. with water surroundings. IV, never did realized that S’pore is that big; ok it’s definitely not as big as KL, but taking an hour in the MRT is definitely the longest thing that I’ve ever done here. Or it’s just that with the many stops, it makes times goes by slowly…

In a way, with all the shopping complexes around, for a 100% shopper, it’s never enough. For me, 1 is enough to cover all. Oh, I do enjoy shopping, when I need to buy something, or when I see something I like and just couldn’t resist. But I’m not the type who can shop and shop and shop till you drop. I’ve tried 6 hrs of shopping, but it’s not a daily thing that I would want to do. Hence, I only go to the shopping complexes for food and window-shop, but more importantly, for books. Moi cannot don’t have books to read… I’ll die without it!

The 4 days session was a fruitful one, banging my head with SOA from left to right, up to down; stuffing myself with the food they serve… wasn’t that great, just that everyday they would serve different variety… but I do like their uniqueness and creativity in some of the food, esp. those yummy desserts. Off hand and at this ungodly hour, couldn’t remember them… need to refer to my colleague later in the morning.

Most nights, was alone in the hotel room, which was ok with me, as I got to catch up with my tv-watching. Had a marathon of 5 – 6 hours to watch some TV series between 2 days. Wed night, I went back to CCK, as my family came down… hence got to play with Pie. She was excited to see me, but sad to see me go back to the hotel. Couldn’t help but asked me “How ’bout you stay here with me tonight ?” Looking at the way she asked, my heart also melted away, and wanted to just jumped onto the bed with her… but then thinking of the 1-hour journey back to Suntec City the next morning in the wee hours didn’t tempt me at all. We also had great times video conferencing back to KL, talking to my hubby and Pea, whom was just looking at the microphone the entire time. There was this one time she saw me through the monitor and started crying for me… poor lil’ thing, missed me so much (haha… perasan).

Thursday night, we had dinner that was held by the conference organizer at a nearby another posh hotel. After dinner, was supposed to be back early to pack, as the next day we were supposed to check out, but my colleague had other plans. She wanted to go to the Esplanade and Clarke Quay – to see the Dance Festival and Octoberfest. Via bus “11”, we reached Makansutra 10 minutes later. Music was on the roll, instructors shouting the dance steps and people dancing away. Neh, didn’t take any photos, knowingly it will never turn out right. Just enjoyed the music… tempted to follow the steps, but then, not in public man. Found a spot to take numerous of photos of the bay – attempted to take the Merlion nearer, but pix turned out blurry.

Via bus “11” again, Clarke Quay was our next stop. Entrusting my legs to my colleague, we set off … and got lost in Singapore. Haha 🙂 It was supposingly to be a nearby stop… about 15 mins away from Marina Bay, but we didn’t go to the correct road, hence walking further and further away, until after stopping 4 people for directions, we ended taking the MRT there. View at Clarke Quay was also amazing – different colours of lights glittering in the water. There’s this bungy ride called G-Max – a nerve wrecking, heart stopping experience for me (even from the ground, not even stepping and experience the ride yet). It’s actually a ride whereby people sitting inside the capsule will be thrown in the air (literally) tied to 2 towers… imagine playing a yo-yo, but this time it’s much bigger and much higher in the air… and you’ll be hanging in the air for ages (which I think it’s actually a minute or less)… If you’re those who are up to the challenge, like adrenaline activities, then you should try this one…

After an adrenaline rush (from down below), we headed back to the hotel. It was past midnight, and we had a long walk back (almost 1/4 the time it took us there), taking in the silent night of Singapore. Legs were killing me, body was tired… but couldn’t sleep at all that night (or rather morning). By the time I had my shut eye, it was close to 3, and for the first time that week, I was too lazy to wake up in the morning. * yawn * No mood to even attend the conference, quite tempted to just skip the class.

After lasting 4 days session, enough was enough… the conference ended, brain full of SOA – which is now 70% given back to them. It was time to go back to my daughter 🙂 She’s definitely in high spirits seeing me, keep telling me she got new friends during play time and swimming time. My aunt was telling her “I stay here for few years also never make new friends, you are here just for 3 days only already got so many friends”. Haha… Pie’s friends are like hi and bye kind of thing. Like she’s going to keep in touch with them.

Sat was my aunt’s birthday, so we had early dinner @ Soup Restaurant, Causeway Point (my fav rest in S’pore). Their all-time favourite, Sam Sui Kai, is actually steamed chicken which is tender, served with ginger sauce and lettuce. How to eat it ? Go the Jo’s way – take 1 piece of chicken, put onto the lettuce, put some ginger sauce, wrap the lettuce, and bit into it. You’ll have the crunchiness of the lettuce, the tenderness of the chicken and the gingerness of the ginger sauce – all in that 1 bit. Check out some of the reviews of the restaurant:

Lastly, we bought a cake from Bengawan Solo. Surprisingly, the cake was quite nice… it was Fruit Gateau, which was a vanilla sponge cake with fruits (i.e. peaches, grapes and kiwis) on the top and white choc pieces at the side. The cake was light and the white choc was good. Couldn’t resist 2 pieces myself… haha…

As usual, Pie enjoyed the time most… she went swimming 3 times, imagine just about 1 week stay in Singapore and went 3 times swimming, whereas in KL, we don’t bring her anywhere to swim. Reason ? I guess the pool at my aunt’s condo is much cleaner than the ones in KL.

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November 7, 2007 at 6:16 am

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  1. No pic geh?

    Sebastian's mommy

    November 7, 2007 at 9:41 am

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