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Character First!

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This 2 days, I’m attending a training called Character First! For developers, no, this is not the characters as in ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’. It’s character in the sense of your action, attitude and behavior.

I would deem this as a motivational kind of course, as the messages passed in is towards building good character, good qualities in your inner self. Characters cannot be learned as a trait / skills; it has to be built and nurtured (just like how you plant fruit trees), preferably from young. But that doesn’t mean that you are older, you cannot build or change your character for the better.

The course started from identifying why people have some bad qualities in them (eg. late for meetings, lack of commitment, personal problems, etc) and what is the root cause of it (eg. disrespectful, unreliability, anger, etc). From identifying the “headache” (bad qualities) and providing what was the “panadol” (root cause), we went to identifying what are the good characters that a person should have to overcome such things. We were given a pocket booklet, identifying 49 good characters vs the bad, each with a meaning to it (eg. Responsibility vs Unrealibility).

It continues to how to give sincere praise to people, how to show appreciation to your peers and colleagues and how to widen my views to see people’s good character rather than always harp on the bad things (be it work place or at home).

This course enlightened me to think that I’ve been seeing things from the wrong perspective… Instead of focusing and harping on a person’s bad attitude / behavior, I should instead focus on their good qualities. This will in turn make the person more confident and be more successful in life.

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November 22, 2007 at 9:17 pm

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