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A Father’s love for his Family

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Yesterday was a big moment for Pie… it was her first year-end kindergarten concert. Daddy had to purposely take a day off, coz it was supposingly to be a working day for him (he works on alternate Saturdays). In addition to that, we were to have a family dinner to celebrate my father’s birthday.

On Wed aft, Daddy called to let me know that he needs to go outstation for work, and should be back the next day. However, the next day, Daddy said work isn’t complete yet, hence had to extend his stay there. I asked him if he remembers that it’s Pie’s concert the next day and whether he really would be back by Friday night ? He answered, yes, he’ll be back then. Friday evening, he sms-ed me to say that he’ll be late… it was about 10+ pm when he sms-ed me informing me he has started his journey and it’ll take about 6 hours to reach home. I was worried of 2 things: the first one is of his safety coz he’ll be driving at night, the second one whether he will attend Pie’s concert or not.

However, from his actions, I truely believe that Pie is at the top priority, else he wouldn’t have had the late drive (after a long day); instead he could have just told me that it’s been a long day and he needs his rest, hence he’ll skipped Pie’s concert.

He reached home around 4am, and went to bed immediately. I pitied him, as I know I’ll have to wake him up by 7.30 am at most… which he willing obliged…

I asked him on the way to my Mum’s place if he had thoughts of not driving home that late… he said nope… Pie’s concert is important to him. Hearing his words made me wanna cry… now I know how important family is to him (coz previously we had talks about his priorities 🙂 ) * going to take a tissue soon *

In fact, after Pie’s concert, he had to drive up all the way to Genting for the birthday dinner… Though he is tired, he is also willing to sacrifice for his family… thus I wanna tell him… I love you Daddy!!!


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November 2, 2008 at 6:34 am

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