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Am I wrong or Am I being wronged ? (Part II)

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The problem has been resolved… I thought my boss would lecture us (esp. me) for preparing such brief minutes, and that he would take a step back and review the entire thing with our customer. However, instead of doing that, he made his stand for the entire team, stating that we are only putting in facts – facts are facts, that none of it is untrue.

Though I feel that my boss have made his stand, the way my customer replied was too soft. I guess they would just want to settle the issue once and for all, so that things can move again.

We are trying to move on, but not too sure how the other party will act. For these few days, they have been providing information / resources as requested. So we shall see how long the thing can last…


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December 5, 2008 at 7:58 am

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Am I wrong or Am I being wronged ?

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I was supposed to be up early to prepare for one of the tender… I promised my boss that I’ll give him some information by morning… however I can only concentrate half-heartedly…

I have no idea if this year is totally not a good year for me… Initially, things were quite smooth… making me think that the title of this web site doesn’t suit me anymore… however events that started to happen in the past few months made me think twice… even to the fact of whether am I still suited in this working environment.

Just last week, I’ve tried my best to put in all my effort and even tried to change for the better. However, if the events were to happen one after another, I wouldn’t know how long I can withstand them.

Obviously I wouldn’t mention the reason I put such title, else I might face with another comment of ‘tarnishing ppl’s reputation’! Though I wouldn’t say I’m feeling so much better, but expressing these things out made me released some tension out…

I have a totally long day to go today… and to face the person who thinks I am wrong, but me thinking otherwise… *sigh* it’ll be a total long day!!!

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December 2, 2008 at 6:37 am

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