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Raya Hols: Baking & Cooking @ Home

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With the long weekend ahead, I planned to try out some new dishes for the family. Below are some of the food that we had during the weekend:


Banana Pancake – Hubby made this


Tri-Color Ham & Cheese on Toast Bread (Layers of Ham & Cheese)


Sausage Puff (for the Kids) – Recipe from Seasaltwithfood


Tuna Puff (for the Adults)


Yam Rice – Recipe from Delicious Asian Food


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September 21, 2009 at 2:00 pm

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Time at the new house

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Ever since we’ve moved to the new house (so called moved in, though we only sleep there during weekends), I could be constantly found in the kitchen (something that is a rare sight at my current place)… I guess now that I have my own house (and kitchen), I would want to cook something nice for my family to eat… it might not be something elaborate and grand, neither complex… just a simple one dish meal to 3 dishes meal will satisfy the entire lot…

I do have the intention to explore and expand my culinary skills, however that will take time. Obviously I’ve been telling my friends about this and that recipes, and mind you, I did have my fair share of trying them out… however with young children at home and needy at some stage, certain recipes will have to be put aside… will try them out when I have the time or when my kids grow older… haha… and of coz when I do get around the buy the oven…

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March 7, 2009 at 1:48 am

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Reminiscing the Year 2008

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* Super backdated post 🙂 *

The Year 2008 has been quite eventful for me. I got to travel to a lot of places, had loads of fun, had my share of cooking and baking though not much) and hordes of strength to take care of the 2 girls (you’ll be surprised that the 2 girls are able to bring the house down)…


  • Pie’s first year in kindergarten – surprisingly she didn’t kicked a fuss in the 1st week; 1st day was just crying and not letting go of us, 2nd day was having red eye but not much tears, 3rd day was happy to be sitting there and learning 🙂


  • Few of my firsts – went to Bandung with my colleagues (not so closed ones)
  • Went to Langkawi (if not mistaken, the last time I was there, I was just a baby, even younger than Pea) with Hubby’s family
  • Pie’s first time school sports day. Each class had to attempt 2 games. At the end of the day, all children gets a gift, as an encouragement and appreciation to them


  • For the 1st time, my company had a team building session. Thought it was held somewhere nearby (Port Dickson), it didn’t dampen our team spirits. Splitting me and flatmates into different groups, we had to go through a few challenges and trying to emerge as the 1st one so that we get additional points / items for the next round. I thoroughly enjoyed this session, eventhough it was hot and sweaty, eventhough I had to miss Mother’s Day celebration, no doubt… I had a good time and it was totally fun!!!
  • Though Pie wasn’t feeling well the day before, we brought her to her kindy for her early b’day celebration, just before the school hols. It was just a quite 10 mins of singing b’day song, cutting cake and eating it, I can see that she thoroughly enjoyed her day with her friends. Every single day, she’ll come back and tell us who is her best friend and who are her classmates.


  • Another 1st time, I got to travel out of the country, on my company’s expense (oops… ok it was not the first – the 1st time was to Singapore), but then this time around it was even farther than Singapore… it was to Netherlands… and for a whole 2 weeks!!! Initially was quite excited, but after the 1st week, I missed my home super lots… esp. my 2 girls. Nevertheless, Netherlands was fun… and I went to Amsterdam!!! Had regrets not going there during my studies last time and thought that I would never ever get to go Europe anymore… Just my luck I guess, that this time around I was selected to go there… However, I missed out Father’s Day celebration (also!)


  • Took a day off to celebrate hubby’s b’day… spent the day with him without the kids… such long time we’ve never had a couple’s day out…
  • For the 1st time, he went out dating with a pretty girl… Pie 🙂 He brought her to watch Wall-E… she was so excited that her Daddy was bringing her out to watch a movie…


  • Pie’s school concert – Not too sure who enjoyed this more, Pie / Pea. Pie could be enjoying coz she got to dance in front of everyone with her class; Pea also equally enjoying it as she was dancing to the tune (practically every tune) below the stage. Till date, she would request to watch Pie’s concert CD, so that she get to dance every night. And… she can memorize all the dances now… she even danced all of them during our pre-CNY dinner, an entertainment that couldn’t be found elsewhere 🙂


  • A full month of non-stop action (esp. for hubby) to get the house up and ready for the big day. After putting up grilles and lights and fans, hubby had to paint the entire house (incl. ceiling) during the weekends and any other public holidays, just in time for our January’s ‘yup foh’ (moving in).

Here’s hoping that 2009 will have equal or more memories…

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March 7, 2009 at 1:39 am

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A Father’s love for his Family

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Yesterday was a big moment for Pie… it was her first year-end kindergarten concert. Daddy had to purposely take a day off, coz it was supposingly to be a working day for him (he works on alternate Saturdays). In addition to that, we were to have a family dinner to celebrate my father’s birthday.

On Wed aft, Daddy called to let me know that he needs to go outstation for work, and should be back the next day. However, the next day, Daddy said work isn’t complete yet, hence had to extend his stay there. I asked him if he remembers that it’s Pie’s concert the next day and whether he really would be back by Friday night ? He answered, yes, he’ll be back then. Friday evening, he sms-ed me to say that he’ll be late… it was about 10+ pm when he sms-ed me informing me he has started his journey and it’ll take about 6 hours to reach home. I was worried of 2 things: the first one is of his safety coz he’ll be driving at night, the second one whether he will attend Pie’s concert or not.

However, from his actions, I truely believe that Pie is at the top priority, else he wouldn’t have had the late drive (after a long day); instead he could have just told me that it’s been a long day and he needs his rest, hence he’ll skipped Pie’s concert.

He reached home around 4am, and went to bed immediately. I pitied him, as I know I’ll have to wake him up by 7.30 am at most… which he willing obliged…

I asked him on the way to my Mum’s place if he had thoughts of not driving home that late… he said nope… Pie’s concert is important to him. Hearing his words made me wanna cry… now I know how important family is to him (coz previously we had talks about his priorities 🙂 ) * going to take a tissue soon *

In fact, after Pie’s concert, he had to drive up all the way to Genting for the birthday dinner… Though he is tired, he is also willing to sacrifice for his family… thus I wanna tell him… I love you Daddy!!!

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November 2, 2008 at 6:34 am

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