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Am I wrong or Am I being wronged ?

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I was supposed to be up early to prepare for one of the tender… I promised my boss that I’ll give him some information by morning… however I can only concentrate half-heartedly…

I have no idea if this year is totally not a good year for me… Initially, things were quite smooth… making me think that the title of this web site doesn’t suit me anymore… however events that started to happen in the past few months made me think twice… even to the fact of whether am I still suited in this working environment.

Just last week, I’ve tried my best to put in all my effort and even tried to change for the better. However, if the events were to happen one after another, I wouldn’t know how long I can withstand them.

Obviously I wouldn’t mention the reason I put such title, else I might face with another comment of ‘tarnishing ppl’s reputation’! Though I wouldn’t say I’m feeling so much better, but expressing these things out made me released some tension out…

I have a totally long day to go today… and to face the person who thinks I am wrong, but me thinking otherwise… *sigh* it’ll be a total long day!!!


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December 2, 2008 at 6:37 am

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Counting down to 07/07/07 07:07:07

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What would you be doing on 7th July’ 2007 at 7:07:07 ?

I know what I’ll be doing. I’ll be just about to wake up from my dreamland, getting ready to go back to my office, to attend a one-day training. This training is totally different from what I usually attend for… it’s a financial training meant for non-finance people (does it means that the stuff thought will be very de basic that non-finance people will be able to understand ?)

Will this help in my daily work ? Well, my manager seems to think so, since we are (or had) ventured into areas like banking and government accounting. I’ll have to see tomorrow…

Anyway, have fun and enjoy the tomorrow… for some people, it’ll be a special day…

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July 6, 2007 at 8:07 pm

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Letting the steam of my system

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The entire week, I’ve been in and out of meetings only… basically, I hardly get to warm my seat, before going to the next meeting. Just because of the st*p*d proposal I’ve got to prepare… Colleagues whom know me well would know that I actually totally hate doing proposal… but no choice, got to do it due to my position (and no other reasons!) And it is totally the truth, even mentioned it to my boss (but I just totally got no choice)

Anyway, all my effort would not be shown much, as I’ve not put in much… hehe 🙂 Instead, I do want to have a part in the team’s new framework … Presenting the “Sphere” …

* Wanted to ‘hentam’ people in this post, but after a while, seems to have cooled down, thus nothing bad is mentioned now * 

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June 9, 2007 at 10:04 pm

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Me no good planner ?

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At the rate I’m working, hubby said that I will be super stressed out soon. Having this blog doesn’t mean that I have to be a stressed out person all the time; instead I intend to relief myself on this blog, so that people don’t see me as a stressed out person (I mean in real life lar).

Anyway, coming back to my working style, hubby was commenting that I am not a good planner. Reason being coz I said I’ve tons lots of work to do, and that I can’t take care of Pea for the night. He kept asking why can’t I delegate my work to my subordinates team members, but I kept telling him that this is within my responsibility, have yet to be assigned out. No idea if he doesn’t understand my situation, or he feels that I don’t do my job well.

Which comes back to the title of this post. Am I such a bad planner ? Previously I thought that I did a good job, planning for every tasks that comes along. But ever since I’m promoted, my work keeps piling up. If I had an ‘IN’ tray in the office (thankfully that I don’t), I can imagine the paperwork growing by the day. Not that I don’t do any work (from the way I write, it’s like I’m jeopardizing my own career), but everyday seems to have a new task and every task have a tight deadline. Worst still is that my indirect direct responsibility is to oversee all the projects in the team, and I’ve seemed to have lost track of some. Lucky for me, I still have the individual project leaders to keep me up-to-date (whenever I request). In other words, I’m thankful for my team to be there to support me (any cheerleaders out there ? hehe)

*Note: No more McD’s going around. You want, you come and get sweets from my table only. But then again, there are no more sweet suppliers around. Anyone wants to contribute ?

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April 14, 2007 at 6:18 am

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Batch of trainees

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I’ve got a handful trainees under my guidance, though I’m not their mentor, thank god 🙂 Why do I feel thankful ? Coz then I’ll be giving the wrong information at the wrong time… haha 8)

Anyway, as a TL, it is my responsibility to provide guidance and advise and consultation and what not to them, not mentioning to even think of what project to get them started and all sorts… meaning I’ve got to do so many documentation until I’ve lost count of them. I’ve got their mentor to help out, but at times I felt that I’ve been giving the mentor too much things; it’s like a lot of things I’ve tai-chi-ed to him, therefore I didn’t feel that nice to keep tai-chi-ing other things. Meaning I’ve got to do my part-lah.

This bunch of monkeys trainees are actually newly graduates, there it is also my job to ensure that after the training, most of them are good to be absorb to the team and to get them to stay as long as possible (meaning until they retire lar). You think it’s possible ? Maybe I should try hypnotizing them…

* You will stay here until you retire… You will stay here until you retire… *

Haha… for those who are reading this post… you are hypnotized!!!

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April 7, 2007 at 3:05 pm

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Working late on Saturday

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I was just back at work last Thursday, and I had to work on the Saturday. If that was not worst, we worked until 8+ at night. What can possibly be worst than that ? My eldest daughter had fever and I wasn’t around to take care of her. What kind of Mummy am I ? At that time, I was thinking whether am I putting my priorities straight, that shouldn’t I be with my daughter, instead of still waiting for my colleague to finish installation so that we can do the deployment ? But on the other hand, I know that if I left, my colleague would most likely be calling me for help (he just needs someone to boost his confidence). So I stayed on (as my hubby said she’s feeling ok), but constantly asking hubby regarding her. I thought that I should be able to finish by 5, and that I can then go back to her.

Guess I thought wrongly. No idea why the reinstallation took ages to do (colleague tried his best to uninstall / install but failed multiple times due to numerous reasons), until we decided to change the path directory (and I guess he did update the registry). Though the reinstallation takes a bit of a time, the restart of the server took more time (each restart was much longer than the previous; and the initial restart already took about 15 – 20 mins). After the reinstallation was done, it was installation of fixpacks. It was supposed to be a simple and installation and should not fail, but I guess things weren’t going our away then. The installation failed after god-knows how many tries, until we decided to have a go ahead with the application installation (eventhough the fixpack wasn’t installing properly, the components needed for the application was installed). Deployment took a bit of a time as well (though not even quarter as long as the reinstallation), but there were a few hiccups along the way – things that obviously can be settled when I’m around… haha 🙂

Lunch was at The Chicken Rice Shop (The Mall). Obviously I belanja (I felt bad if I didn’t coz it isn’t nice getting people to work on a Saturday), and obviously I wouldn’t just belanja makan McD. Too bad for someone I guess 8)

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February 26, 2007 at 8:20 pm

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What to write ? Help, help!!!

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Kinda busy today… with what ? Reading JSF & Struts (but not going into the brain), writing / replying mails to nobody important, and a lot of chit chatting around…

Colleague was asking how come today I didn’t write anything on my blog, am I that busy (read the above line)… I was like, ok lar… I will write now… but then, what to write lar ? Cannot even think straight.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my ‘Pai Lin’ day (visiting relatives), but then I have to work *sob sob* Oh well, looking at the bright side… is there a bright side to tomorrow ? Hopefully there is, else Customer will complain like mad (eventually she will). Anyway, tomorrow have to go to Customer’s site to do reinstallation of product (not my job / area… haha), deploying of application (I don’t need to do, just supervise), test the application (Customer will do)… so why do I need to be there ??? If my colleague reads this (you should know who), he will definitely say ‘to belanja makan-lah’… So you know what my role is for tomorrow…

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February 23, 2007 at 5:18 pm

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